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Lifetime Achievement Award for Billy Paterson

The ex Kelso Laddies Lifetime Achievement Award for 2011 was presented by Eric Paxton, President of the Ex-Kelso Laddies Association to Billy Paterson.
Billy was, for many years, the spongeman for Kelso Rugby Club and also for South of Scotland. Billy's magic sponge worked wonders, as do the window cleaner's chamois and squeegee still.
Billy has always been a keen supporter of the Kelso Civic Week and also of St James' Fair where he is Town Cryer.

Many congratulations to Billy: well done, well deserved.

A poem written by Billy showing his feelings for Kelso Civic Week can be read at:

Civic Week In Kelsae Is Really Hard To Beat

Lifetime Achievement Award for Billy Paterson, Scotland

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Date: 28/07/2011

Kelso Scotland, Scottish Borders UK