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Kelso Crawlers

Following in the footsteps of Lauderdale Limpers this group has been formed to bring runners and joggers together.

The group hopes to establish links between runners.There are also the casual runners (like myself) who like the occasional race but who mainly run to keep fit. It gives people the option of meeting up together to run as a group or perhaps making friends with a neighbour who they didn't realise jogged.

Safety is concern on the dark nights and if people run together in a larger group then they are safer( especially female and younger runners).

We plan to meet up on Wednesday nights at 7pm at a suitable venue although we are having trouble deciding where. But watch this space and the local Southern Reporter for news.
Runners also leave the Abbey Fitness Suite on Tuesday nights at 6pm if the Wednesday does not suit.

We are having an inaugural run on 3rd January 2003. The meeting place is Woodside Football Club at 10.30am. We aim to run the boundary of Kelso (approx 4 miles). There will be no winners or losers and hopefully runners will stay on to have Soup and Bacon rolls at the Cobbles Inn in Kelso afterwards. Hope to see you there.

Contact Lynn Young Active Primary Coordinator for more details on 01573 227346.

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Date: 23/12/2003

Kelso Scotland, Scottish Borders UK